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2012 Forbeyon Catalog
Hot One
Flushmount Albums are Forbeyon's highest quality albums featuring Kodak photographic paper mounted on an archival board.

Paper Options Include:
       Photo Luster: Kodak's Supra Endura with UV coating
       Photo Metallic: Upgrade to Kodak's Metallic Endura with UV coating and Linen Texture

Book Sizes
4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 5.5x7 7x5.5, 8x8, 8x10, 10x8, 10x10, 11x14, 14x11, 12x12, 9x14, 12.5x5 Long Spine_Vertical display, 12.5x5 Long Spine_Horizontal display, 12.5x5 Short Spine_Vertical display, 19x7.5 Long Spine_Vertical display, 19x7.5 Long Spine_Horizontal display, 19x7.5 Short Spine_Vertical display,

Number of Sides
20 minimum, 70 maximum (40 recommended)

Cover Materials
G5_Classic_Black G5_Khaki G5_Autumn G5_Cocoa G6_Pearl G5_Cherry G5_Navy
Classic Black Khaki Autumn Cocoa Pearl Cherry Navy
Saddle Chestnut G2_Black_Leather G2_Brown_Leather Matt Black British Tan G1_Mystique_Weave
Chestnut Saddle Black Brown Matte Black British Tan Mystique Weave
G1_Mystique_Satin G1_Arctic G1_Midnight G1_Mahogany G1_Bronze_Carbon G1_Pebble_Blue G1_Pebble_Pink
Mystique Satin Arctic Midnight Mahogany Bronze Carbon Pebble Blue Pebble Pink
G1_Brushed_Champagne G1_Scarlet_Weave G1_Scarlet_Satin photowrap Dual Tone  
Brushed Champagne Cinnamon Weave Scarlet Weave Scarlet Satin Photowrap Dust Jacket  
2010 Eco Materials
G3-Sultry G3-Vixen G3-Glam G3-Rugged-Toffee G3-Sleek-Toffee G3-Rugged-Moss G3-Sleek-Moss
Sultry Vixen Glam Rugged Toffee Sleek Toffee Rugged Moss Sleek Moss
G3-Rugged-Bordeaux G3-Sleek-Bordeaux G3-Maple G3-Tortoise G3-Boa G3-Viper G3-Python
Rugged Bordeaux Sleek Bordeaux Maple Tortoise Boa Viper Python
G3-Apple-Pie G3-Cherry-Pie G3-Sleek-Starlight        
Apple Pie Cherry Pie Sleek Starlight        
2010 Image Dual Tone
Canvas Photo Metallic          
Canvas Photo Metallic          
2011 New Materials
Cobalt Weave Orange Weave Tan Weave Emotion Blue Raspberry Emotion Lime Emotion Yellow
Cobalt Wave Orange Wave Tan Wave Emotion Blue Emotion Fuchsia Emotion Lime Emotion Yellow
Raspberry WhiteIguana PurpleIguana BrownIguana Fashioned Champagne Fashioned Rain  
Raspberry White Iguana Purple Iguana Brown Iguana Fashioned Champagne Fashioned Rain  
  Paper Type

  Cameo   Imprinting

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